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Once the device is discreetly placed on the vehicle, it begins tracking. To receive the current location of the vehicle, you can simply send a request via text message.

Less than a minute later, the device responds with accurate location information. No technical skill, software, subscription or sophisticated equipment is needed to accurately and quickly track a vehicle. SMS tracking devices are very popular for a number of reasons.

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Firstly, they are much more affordable than heavy duty real time trackers, and they are also far easier to use. Small business owners may also find the user friendliness and affordability of SMS trackers a bonus when checking on the location of company cars and delivery vehicles. SMS Trackers. Show 12 18 Details include time and date, phone number, contact name and location of the target phone. Complete Text message tracking and logging.

SMS Tracker - Best Mobile SMS Spy App for Android & iPhone

Read and view all inbound and outbound MMS messages. Details include photo, time and date, phone number, contact name and location of the target phone. Know which web sites were visited, which pages were viewed and when. Also identifies the location of the phone every time the browser is used.

Using the integrated GPS Tracker, know when and where the phone is located at all times. Breadcrumbs record location information allowing parents to locate your children at frequent intervals.


You can see the complete location history of the device. GPS logging occurs at a user defined rate default interval is 5 minutes.

Best SMS Tracker for iPhone and Android - FlexiSPY

Identifies the phone number, contact name, call duration, and location of the phone for every call. If you want to know where your kids are, just send them a text message. The location of the phone is recorded every time it sends or receives a text message.

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To use SMS Tracker, install it on the device you wish to monitor and complete the registration process. Registering the device, ties the device to the email address you supply.


After the device is registered, you will receive a confirmation email and are ready to start tracking the target phone. State of the art mobile tracking and monitoring is now available to every parent. Keep your teen or pre-teen child safe at all times. Can I read text messages on another phone? Yes if you install SMS Tracker on the phone you want to monitor. How can I find the location of another phone?

Free Hidden SMS Tracker without touching target phone

If you have SMS Tracker installed on the phone you want to locate, and GPS is enabled, you can find the location of the phone when you log into www. Is this App Hidden or Invisible? No, Hidden surveillance apps are not permitted on Google Play. Any apps claiming to be hidden or invisible will not be around very long. Google will suspend them. Tip: enter your email address when you register your device so you can recover your password if you forget it.

For technical support email support gizmoquip. Technical details Size: Application Permissions: Help me understand what permissions mean. Minimum Operating System: Android 2. Approximate Download Time: Less than 30 seconds. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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Showing of 30 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Scary in how complete the information this app tracks - location, can be polled every 5 minutes, or changed to longer to prevent excessive battery usage, the text of any received and outgoing sms messages, phone numbers called, duration of calls You can install it so that it's invisible to the user - so I guess if you're a concerned parent, you could slip it on your kids phone, forget the legal and ethical ramifications and they wouldn't have a clue you are basically riding on their shoulders, watching everything they do, and considering how often I see my nephews using their cell phones, I suspect you would get a very complete and detailed look at what they are up to, vs what they say they are up too, lol.

How did you know that Mom, no way you could have known!

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Such software works on the configuration o premium version where you achieve high-class quality and distinguished features. On the other hand, if you look out for other apps which are slightly cheaper, then you might fall into greater risks because you have to get access to their Smartphone in order to install the application on it.

Well, this point is really something we have considered while developing our app. Now through our software, you can easily enjoy the services of a free SMS tracker without even looking out for their phone in their absence. The installation process is really simple and easy. You just need to get registered with our SpyZee platform, and get started with the app. Following the given instructions, install the app on your phone and then set up an account as required. As soon as you do this, you may either have to place a call or a text through your phone to the target device.

Whether they answer your call or not, a secret code will be generated on their device which will help you to link both the phones with one another. Thus, you will instantly receive a text related to the successful connection, and then you can start a journey towards easy and reliable monitoring. SpyZee App is powerful and can monitor call logs, chats, and multimedia from eight different instant messaging apps. The availability of distinctive features is what makes an app different from the other.

With SpyZee , you get to enjoy such features that you would have never experienced before. All of these are up-to-date with the latest technology and as per the suggestions of our existing users.