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Quality real-time GPS tracking solutions not only offer rapid updating, every 15 seconds of travel.

Forget the charger.

Every time the devise shows movement it uploads Global Positioning to our servers. The reports will also include speed of travel, this is helpful if your in a child custody battle and your ex is traveling at a high rate of speed with child it also shows precise dates and times stopped at each location. We have professional, highly trained investigators monitoring every movement. At the end of your case, you will receive a detailed GPS report. Take control - Knowing Makes the Difference.

30-day trial period

Confidentiality Guaranteed! A: Yes! If your name is on the vehicle registration your good to go. Q: I already have tracking software on my spouse's cell phone. Will a GPS tracker work better? A: Definitely.

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One of the only downsides is its square shape is a little too big for the average pants pocket. Read the full review.

The company makes two models, the original AngelSense and a newer one with more features, and while we tested both the newer AngelSense is our preferred unit. What makes this tracker great for parents is its two-way communication. This is ideal for parents of children with sensory problems who might not otherwise answer a cell phone. In our tests, the location pin was only delayed by less than 30 seconds and its discovery radius was about feet. The AngelSense battery was also one of the longest-lasting we tested, working for about 23 hours.

This tracker requires a subscription, but the app to use it on your smartphone is free. If your child is very young or prone to losing things, AngelSense comes with a belt and pouch you can affix to clothing or a backpack with a pin system that only comes undone with a magnetic key. It is, however, very well suited for use where there is no phone service and safety is your main concern.

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An SOS button will also signal emergency services to begin searching for you based on your last known location and the battery life will last days depending on how often you program it to ping your location. There is no monthly subscription required and all you have to do is download the app to get started. Weighing less than 1 ounce, you can use the little silicone case it comes with to clip it to a garment, bag or dog collar for Fido if he likes to chase squirrels. The Trax Play works through a free smart phone app or you can also login through the website and track on your desktop computer.

10 Best Smallest GPS Trackers Reviews 12222

We took this tracker on the road and discovered it was extremely accurate, with only about 30 seconds of lag time between where the tracker is and the ping on the map. It would definitely last for an entire 8-hour work day and even more if you used it, for instance, to track a fleet of vehicles. It does lack two-way communication, but it has a cool augmented reality feature. Jeannie Callahan, a customer service representative for AngelSense, said she got involved with the company because her son has autism and she uses the product.

For example, I can do a wellness check when he is on the bus. There were more than , reports of missing children in the United States alone according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A GPS tracker is one step parents can take to prevent that number from being any higher. Once you have some history in your menu you can always tap on a previous location and it will show you the exact route taken there. And speaking of the woods, we also took these GPS trackers on a hike to see how they worked in the elements.

GPS Vehicle Tracking | Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC

Best Pet Tracking Devices of Magellan Maestro Review. Garmin Nuvi T T Review. Garmin Nuvi Review. Trax Play Review. AGPtek Review. We weighted each unit, used its attachments and a few times we even talked with customer service representatives.